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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

(M MG M) Interview and Giveaway- Benny Alano

I want to thank Benny Alano for being a part of the March MG Madness and for stopping by to answer a few of my questions. Be sure to check out my review to learn more about Benny's MG book Hand Puppet Horror.

Q. What three words best describe your MG novel Hand Puppet Horror?
I've always used the words spells, friendship and horror to describe my book. Kid's love that.
Q. In one sentence, tell readers why they should read your book…c’mon, really sell it!
Because the name of my "bad guy" is Yeti Booger! 
Q. Now, using as many sentences as you’d like, could you tell us a bit more aboutHand Puppet Horror?
Sure. Hand Puppet Horror is a book about a fourth grader named Jay who creates a scary hand puppet. Jay names him Yeti Booger because he is hairy like a Yeti and green like a booger. After Jay uses the hand puppet to scare one of his classmates, the puppet slowly comes to life! At first Jay thinks it's the coolest thing in the world, but now, Yeti Booger is getting harder and harder to control. Jay and his two friends, Becky and Sammy, need to figure out how Yeti came to life and stop him before anyone else is hurt.  
Q. Why Middle Grade Fiction…why did you choose to write MG fiction and what do you love best about reading and writing MG?
As a kid, I grew up with a learning disability. I was in special education classes from second grade on. I always had a connection with books. I had many Goosebumps books in my bookcase, but i couldn't read them. Now that i'm older, i've grown out of my disability and began reading all the scary books i had as a kid. Soon after i started writing adult horror under a different name. I became published and wanted to try my hands at middle grade books. I feel in love with writing for kids that i just kept doing it. I love coming up with ideas that kids would just love reading and would hold their interest. I've done very well so far.
Q. Why do you think MG appeals to such a wide audience, from very young readers to adults like you and I?
What i try to do with all of my books is that i make them appeal to both kids and adults. As an adult writer, i find it hard to make adult books appeal to kids, but the other way around works well. Most of us adults have a kid inside of us, if a book hits the right keys, it will let that kid out. 
Q. What’s your current favorite MG book? Your favorite MG book of all time?
My favorite book right now would have to be one called "Zombiekins" it is also my daughter's favorite as well. Now for my all time favorite, i would have to say "Welcome to Camp Nightmare" it's from the old Goosebumps series.
Q. If you could switch places with any MG character from any book, who would it be?
I would love to switch places with Ready Freddy! That kid reminds me a lot of myself as a kid and his classmates are awesome!
Q. Who’s your favorite MG villain…who do you just love to hate or hate to love?
Slappy from "The Night of the Living Dummy" by R.L. Stine. That dummy had me laughing! 
Q. If you could bring a puppet to life what kind of puppet would it be and what would you want it to do?
I would 100% want Yeti Booger to come to life. I would make him do all sorts of things, like bring me a soda while i'm writing.
Q. If you were to create/bake a Hand Puppet Horror cupcake, what flavor would it be, or what would it taste like, and what would you call your tasty masterpiece?
Let's see ... I would create a Yeti Booger cupcake. It will be green and taste like the green bug juice you get from the supermarket. I would have to call it, "BOOger" Thanks for taking the time to chat with me!
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Unknown said...

My kids love scary books and movies! I'm going to have to find this book and any others that you've talked about.

Amy said...

This book sounds really fun. I think I would really like it, and as soon as my daughter is old enough she would love it.

In Julie's Opinion said...

Hi Benny! Your book sounds awesome and I loved your interview! I would love to read this book with my son, I think we would both enjoy it! Thanks for the interview and giveaway:)

nayjf said...

I think the young man I babysit for would love this book. And I would love to read it with him!


April Yedinak said...

Yeti Booger- best bad guy name!! This sounds like a book my son would really get into. We are going to have to get a copy.