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Friday, March 9, 2012

Cupcake Time: Tie-Dye Fruity Jell-O Cupcakes

Y'all probably know that the one thing I love almost as much as book are cupcakes...right?! Well, today felt like a cupcake kind of day and I decided to try a fun new recipe I found. So, I made some Tie-Dye Fruity Cupcakes.....

These were actually really easy to make! I just used a white cake mix, prepared it as directed, divided it into three parts, then added dry Jell-O mix (Lime, Lemon, Strawberry) to each batter portion. Then I simply filled each cupcake liner with a drop of each flavored batter, baked and have super colorful, fruity cupcakes! I simply iced them with vanilla frosted colored a pretty light blue color. I'm actually quite proud of these *blushes* They taste really yummy, very fresh and fruity. I think these would be fun for a birthday party and you could use any flavor/color of Jell-O mix you'd like!



Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

too cute..and who doesn't love a cupcake :)

Unknown said...

That is so cute, I am going to have to try it some time soon.