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Friday, January 27, 2012

Feature and Follow (21) and Weekly Recap

Feature and Follow a blog hop, hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read, that allows book bloggers to discover and connect with other book bloggers.

This week's featured blogs are:

Q: Which book genre do you avoid at all costs and why?
There aren't really any genres that I avoid at all costs, but there are those that I don't really read often. I generally don't read much non-fiction as a whole, mystery, or pure romance. A non-fiction book must really grab my attention for me to sit down and read it. I enjoy mystery and romance elements in my fiction of course, but prefer they weren't the dominating aspect of a book. But, I'd like to think that I'd give almost any genre at least a chance before I cast it away into the darkest depths of Mordor...sorry, I was jamming to some Zeppelin earlier :D

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Weekly Recap
*le sigh* It's been a slow blogging week for me (which basically means I've been uber lazy this week) but I promise to be awesomer (is so a word!) next week...probably

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The Nocturnal Library said...

No romance for me, either. If it can be avoided.
New follower.

Here's our #FF post

Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

Book Dragon said...

I used to think I read everything but Horror then found myself enjoying Bag of Bones by Stephen King.

True Crime? The grizzly ones, maybe?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you ... nothing's off limits. If it looks good, I'll read it! :)

Melliane said...

it's really nice to enjoy all the genres. I think it depends on the period...

old follower

here is mine

Totally Booked Solid said...

hi new follower here and that cupcake on your header looks delicious

Unknown said...

Non-fiction books do have to be very good for me to read them. ;) I did like Hot Zone.

I'm a gfc follower.