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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Review: The Zombie Stone (Zombie Problems #2) by K.G. Campbell


The Zombie Stone 

(Zombie Problems #2) 

By K.G. Campbell 

January 12, 2021 

Alfred A. Knopf BFYR 


What's worse than discovering you have a zombie problem? Imagine acquiring four more undead tag-alongs. . . . From the acclaimed illustrator of Flora & Ulysses comes the second book in the Zombie Problems trilogy, heralded as "reminiscent of Roald Dahl in uniting the macabre with realism." 

When a zombie followed August DuPont home one day, he didn't expect her to stick around. But Claudette is in no hurry to leave August's side. And when he decides to go to Croissant City in search of the elusive Zombie Stone, Claudette joins him. It's a good thing she does, because no sooner had August set out than a mysterious white alligator began to follow him. Reptiles aren't the only creatures to look out for, though. When August is reunited with his dour cousins the Malveaus, and their menacing mother, Orchid, finding the stone before they do takes on a new urgency. Throw in a swamp doctor, a costume parade, a pop star, a séance, a band of smugglers, and four new zombies, and you'd better believe that August's quest is only going to get more complicated. 


August DuPont’s zombie problems are far from over. Traveling to Croissant City in search of the Zombie Stone, August and his zombie companion Claudette are reunited with friends and foes, encounter a mysterious giant white alligator, and gain four new zombie problems. Set against the dazzling backdrop of Mardi Gras, August’s zombified adventures are as wild as the parade he finds himself a part of. 


K.G. Campbell returns to his delightfully macabre middle-grade series with book two, The Zombie Stone. Once again, Campbell offers readers an endearingly quirky story full of likable characters, fun settings, and whimsically, wackily, and wonderfully weird misadventures! 


Campbell infuses this series with so much wit, refreshing imagination, engrossing storytelling, engaging worldbuilding, and irresistible characters. Readers will be excited to reunite with August and Claudette and join them on their wild and funny excursion to Croisant City. Thrilling water mishaps, spectacular and colorful Mardi Gras fun, a sprawling city full of the unexpected, an unforgettable parade, and zany zombie hijinks await readers in this unputdownable story. 


Humorous, heartfelt, and wonderfully offbeat, The Zombie Stone is another fantastically fun book in the charming and clever Zombie Problems series! 



Keith G. Campbell was born in Kenya, but raised and educated in Scotland. 

He graduated with a Master’s degree in Art History from the University of Edinburgh. 

After trying on several careers, Keith eventually returned to his early passion of writing and illustrating stories. 

He is now a full-time author/illustrator and lives in California. 

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