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Friday, July 5, 2019

Piper Cooks Up A Plan Blog Tour (review)

Piper Cooks Up A Plan 
(Daring Dreamers Club #2) 
Erin Soderberg 
June 4, 2019 
Random House Disney 

When you follow your dreams, the possibilities are endless! 

Nobody knows how to follow her dreams better than a Disney Princess. And that's what the Daring Dreamers Club knows through and through. Diverse, talented, and smart, these five girls became friends because they all had one thing in common: big dreams. Touching on everyday dramas and the ups and downs of friendship, this series will enchant all readers who are princesses at heart. 

The second book in the Daring Dreamers Club series will focus on Piper, who is an aspiring food scientist and inventor. She hopes to open her own business someday, just like Tiana! 

Piper loves to get in her lab (the kitchen) and concoct new recipes and conduct food experiments. Like her favorite Disney Princess, Tiana, this aspiring food scientist hopes that her hard work and creativity will pay off in big ways. And when she’s asked to compete on a food challenge reality show, Piper knows it’s her big chance to prove that she’s just as special as her siblings. But will problems with schoolwork, worries about her dad’s possible new job, and jittery nerves get in the way of her big dreams? 

Piper Cooks Up A Plan is the second book in Daring Dreamers Club, a contemporary middle-grade series from Disney and Random House Children's Books, written by Erin Soderberg and illustrated by Anoosha Syed. The Daring Dreamers Club consist of five fifth grade girls- Milla, Piper, Mariana, Zahra, and Ruby- who help each other chase their big dreams and aspire to be like the Disney princesses they admire. While all five girls are featured in book two, Piper Cooks Up A Plan focuses mostly on Piper, who relates best to Princess Tiana. 

Piper Cooks Up A Plan is a delightful and uplifting second book in the fun, inspiring Daring Dreamers Club series. Relatable situations, timely messages, good-natured humor, endearing characters, and clever storylines make book two a charming and amusing read. 

Soderberg does a superb job of offering young readers a story that is both entertaining and meaningful. Real life subjects, like dealing with dyslexia; anxiety; insecurities; and more, are carefully and honestly explored in Piper Cooks Up A Plan, and are sure to encourage thoughtful discussions amongst readers.  

The girls of the Daring Dreamers Club are a wonderful, admirable, diverse group and I’m so enjoying getting to know each one of them. Readers will love how real and authentic each girl feels. I love that there is little to no drama within this friend group. Instead, they are a fantastic example of a supportive, loving group of girlfriends.  

Fresh and fun, sweet and funny, Piper Cooks Up A Plan is a delicious read in the pitch-perfect Daring Dreamers Club Series. 

5/5 Cupcakes

ERIN SODERBERG lives in Minneapolis, MN, with her husband, three adventure-loving kids, and a mischievous Goldendoodle named Wally. Before becoming an author, she was a children’s book editor and a cookie inventor and worked for Nickelodeon. She has written many books for young readers, including the Quirks and Puppy Pirates series. Visit her online at 
ANOOSHA SYED is a Pakistani illustrator & character designer for animation. She received her BFA in illustration at Ceruleum: Ecole d'arts Visuels in Switzerland, and now lives in Canada. Visit her online at 

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