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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Review and Giveaway: The Nebula Secret (Explorer Academy #1) by Trudi Trueit

The Nebula Secret 
(Explorer Academy #1) 
By Trudi Trueit 
Under the Stars 
September 4, 2018 
Source: from pub 

Adventure, danger, and a thrilling global mission await 12-year-old Cruz Coronado as he joins an elite school for explorers. 

Cruz leaves his tranquil home in Hawaii to join 23 talented kids from around the globe to train at the Explorer Academy with the world's leading scientists to become the next generation of great explorers. But for Cruz, there's more at stake. No sooner has he arrived at the Academy than he discovers that his family has a mysterious past with the organization that could jeopardize his future. In the midst of codebreaking and cool classes, new friends and augmented reality expeditions, Cruz must tackle the biggest question of all: Who is out to get him, and why? 

Readers can get in on the excitement with puzzles and codes embedded throughout. 

Visit the Explorer Academy website to play games, watch the book trailer, and learn more!

Twelve-year-old Cruz leaves his Hawaiian home (and best friend Lani) behind and heads to Washington, D.C., where he’ll attend the prestigious Explorer Academy, a school that trains the next generation to become great explorers. Cruz’s aunt is a professor at the school and his mother used to work there until she died in a lab accident. Cruz is excited to attend the school, but when he arrives he soon learns of a secret organization that is connected to his organization that may just be out to get him. In the most technologically advanced school in the world, with the most experienced teachers in the world, can Cruz solve the clue and uncover the truth? 

Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret by Trudi Trueit is the first book in an exciting new middle-grade series from National Geographic Kids. This book and series are inspired by real-life science and aim to get young readers excited about conservationism, exploration, and science related fields. 

Trueit and National Geographic Kids have combined captivating STEM studies, smart storytelling, and fun puzzles and codes to create a wildly thrilling and engaging reading experience. Trueit weaves a fast-paced and cleverly complex story full of high-stakes adventure, fascinating technology, extensive real-life factual information on a wide variety of subjects, and an engaging core group of diverse characters. Explorer Academy, with its grand and vast campus, cool augmented-reality technology, and profound mission, makes for an enticing setting. Cruz, his best friend Lani, and new friends Emmet and Sailor, are all smart, capable, relatable young characters that each bring something unique to the story. The mystery surrounding Cruz’s mother, and the fun puzzles and codes throughout the story, will definitely keep readers on their toes.  

Trueit’s cinematic story and the interactive, immersive format will entertain readers, while the real-life science, tech, and subjects being explored will challenge their minds, inspire their imaginations, fire up their curiosity, and widen their world perspective. This book, and series as a whole, will no doubt help create a whole new generation of explorers, adventurers, and leaders determined to save the wonderful world we live in. 

I can’t wait to join Cruz and his friends on their next exciting adventure! 

5/5 Cupcakes

Trudi's love of writing began in fourth grade when she wrote, directed, and starred in her first play. She went on to become a TV news reporter and weather forecaster, but she knew her calling was in writing. Trueit is a gifted storyteller for middle-grade audiences, and her fiction novels include The Sister Solution, Stealing Popular, and the Secrets of a Lab Rat series. Her expertise in nonfiction for kids comes through in books on history, weather, wildlife, and Earth science. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Trueit lives in Everett, Washington.  Website * Facebook  * Twitter

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