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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Blog Tour: Don't Blink! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Don't Blink! 
By Amy Krouse Rosenthal 
Illustrated by David Roberts 
April 3, 2018 
Random House BFYR 
Amazon / B&N / Indiebound 
Source: ARC from pub 

This interactive book may seem to be on your side, reluctant sleeper -- but it's truly a bedtime book in disguise! 

Here's how it works: if you can avoid getting to the end of this book, you can avoid bedtime, simple as that. (It's a pretty sweet deal, actually.) But each time you blink, you have to turn a page. Those are just the rules. So whatever you do, DON'T BLINK! 

It's simple: if you don't want to go bed then DON'T BLINK! Because every time you blink, you have to turn another page of this charming and clever new interactive picture book from the late, great Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

We all know little ones rarely want to go to bed, but DON'T BLINK! will have them excited to settle in for the night! Rosenthal's witty, quirky text will amuse and delight young readers. And Roberts' cute, charismatic owl is the perfect nighttime companion. From staring, squinting, getting all your blinks out, and finally simply closing your eyes, DON'T BLINK! will effortlessly take readers from not sleepy to blissfully off in lala land.

Humorous, fun, and wonderfully executed, DON'T BLINK! is sure to be a bedtime hit with both children and parents!

5/5 Cupcakes

Amy Krouse Rosenthal was a person who liked to make things. 
Some things she liked to make include: 
Children's books. (Little Pea, Spoon, DuckRabbit) 
Grown-up books. (Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life) 
Short films. (The Beckoning of Lovely, The Money Tree) 
Guided journals. (The Belly Book) 
Something out of nothing. (see above) 
A longtime contributor to WBEZ and to the TED conference,  
Amy lived with her family in Chicago and online at 

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