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Monday, November 6, 2017

Interview and Giveaway: Sierra Luke, author of E.C. Max, Kid Genius (Critter Camp)

I'm excited to have Sierra Luke stopping by today to chat about the middle-grade, E.C. Max, Kid Genius: Critter Camp. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post...

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Travel with Andy Airplane.

Q1. What three words best describe your children’s book, E.C. Max, Kid Genius: Critter Camp?
Max's ideas are inventive.
Max's relationship with his Dad is precious.
Max's experi-ventions are 'over-the-top wacky' when they go wrong.
[Ok, that a little more than 3 words but you'll understand when you meet Max! ]

Q2. Grab a copy of E.C. Max, Kid Genius: Critter Camp and answer the following:
Favorite chapter?
Chapter 6 - A Perfect Day.
This chapter is a refreshing change of pace for Max who is normally researching, designing and inventing as he spends the day in the woods fishing and camping with his Dad.

Favorite illustration?
Excellent job by illustrator Sari Braga. She really brought Max to life, but this is my favorite illustration of Max hard at work on one of his many experi-ventions.

Favorite setting?
My absolute favorite setting has to be. Max in the forest getting photo-bombed by a fawn
Excerpt: Chapter 6. A Perfect Day
'Would you believe that the cutest fawn came over to me while we took some pictures beside a berry bush? He can photo-bomb my pictures any day.
[End of excerpt]

Flip to a random page and give us a 1-2 sentences teaser:
Find out exactly does E.C. mean and why does Max prefer to just be called Max.

Excerpt: Chapter 5 All in a Name.  
  'I learned from very young to be proud of the role our family had in discovering and also in controlling this pathogen. Reflecting on my name, the name I share with a microscopic bug, always makes me realize that small discoveries, unnoticed by others can have huge impacts on the lives of all.
  Well, so now you know, but please still just call me Max, Ok.'
[End of Excerpt]

Q3. What inspired E.C. Max, Kid Genius: Critter Camp? How did the story come to be?
My 9-year old daughter calls herself the 'everything' girl.' Being a scientist is just one of the many things she plans to become. Her notebooks are full of experiments and ideas, just like Max.
My 8 year old son is a bit of a know-it all especially when it comes to nature and marine life. He is also a lego genius and makes creative gadgets every day.  He and Max talks the same way using big words and terms. They are both inspirations for Max.

Book 1 is set at the Critter Camp as no one really likes pesky bugs. Critters are definitely a problem for Max to solve.

Q4. Can you tell us a bit about your genius hero, E.C. Max? What makes him special and what do you love about him?
While Max is a certified genius and does a lot of advanced college and post graduate level courses, he is still just a kid. He is not stand-offish. He plays basketball, has friends, spends time with his family and all the things a regular child likes to do. These qualities make him relatable and simply adorable.

Q5. What do you hope young readers will learn or walk away with after reading E.C. Max, Kid Genius: Critter Camp?
Knowledge is the Solution! That is the mantra for this book. Identify a problem, read, read, research, study, create and solve. That is key to max and all his inventions, it is key to any young reader.

Q6. What’s next for E.C. Max and his wacky misadventures?
Check out Max in Mighty Magnet. Max has to race against the clock to find a special toy in time. His nuclear-powered electromagnet may be just the gadget he needs to find what he is searching for or is it just a little too powerful. Find out in Mighty Magnet. Available now in eBook, paperback and audiobook.

20 copies of E.C. Max, Kid Genius: Critter Camp ebooks given to random winners selected November 15!
1. Enter by posting tweet provided about  EC Max Books on Twitter
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Slowsly said...

Congratulations on your book! Books about kids who seek knowledge are much needed. Thank you.

Sierra Luke Books said...

Hi Kay,
Thank you very much for your comment. My kids are tickled pink to see the responses to E.C. Max. He really is a part of our family. I think there is a little Kid Genius in all of us.
Be sure to check out Max's next misadventure E.C. Max, Kid Genius: Mighty Magnet available at your favorite online retailer.
You may also download a FREE book and other cool stuff at our website