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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Black Moon Rising (The Library #2) Blog Tour (review)

The Black Moon Rising Blog Tour is stopping by today with my review of this second book in The Library Series by D.J. MacHale...

Black Moon Rising
(The Library #2)
By D.J. MacHale
October 3, 2017
Random House BFYR
Source: ARC from pub for review
The next fast-paced, thrilling adventure from bestselling author D. J. MacHale! Check out a book and fall under its spell . . . literally.

Marcus is an agent of the Library--a place filled with tales that don't have an ending. Mysteries that won't be solved until Marcus and his friends Theo and Lu step in to finish them. Before it's too late.

Because mysterious accidents are disturbing a middle school in Massachusetts. Windows shatter for no reason. Bleachers collapse at a pep rally. Most of the students think they're just having a string of bad luck, but Marcus suspects something a lot more dangerous. Something like witchcraft. When the black moon rises, this story must come to an end . . . one way or another.

Fresh from his first spooktacular and exciting paranormal adventure,  middle-schooler Marcus is back as an official agent of the Library...except this library is filled with stories that have no endings and it’s up to agents like Marcus to battle supernatural forces and finish those stories.

And one of those stories is happening live at a middle-school on Massachusetts, where strange, dangerous events keep happening. With the help of a little Library magic, Marcus and his two BFFs, Lu and Theo, travel to the unlucky middle-school to unravel the mystery and find themselves in some wicked witchy trouble!

Author D.J. MacHale returns to his creeptastically fun and thrilling middle-grade The Library series with book two, Black Moon Rising. Like book one, Black Moon Rising is wonderfully fast-paced, action-packed, and bursting with laughs, chills, and captivating supernatural elements!

Middle-grade readers will appreciate the brisk and never dull pace, sure to keep them eagerly turning pages. MacHale’s clever storytelling, and use of multiple POVs, is the perfect mix of suspense, twists, humor, and engaging character interaction. Marcus, Lu, and Theo make for a diverse, eclectic, and super likable trio. Each of these main characters brings something unique and valuable to the team, and they’re a lot of fun to get to know.

Once again, the magical, otherworldly Library, full of its unfinished stories and ghosts, makes for an imaginative and deliciously spine-tingly setting that young readers will have a blast exploring with Marcus and his friends. I really love the way MacHale brings both classic and fresh supernatural elements/beings together, to create a genuinely spooky atmosphere that is just the right amount of thrills, chills, and laugh-out-loud fun.

MacHale does a great job of wrapping up one mystery in Black Moon Rising, while weaving together a few more that I can’t wait to see unravel!

Both fast-paced, delightfully frightful, and awesomely twisty and turny books in this series are perfect Halloween reads!

4/5 cupcakes

D. J. MACHALE is the author of the bestselling book series Pendragon, Morpheus Road, and the SYLO Chronicles, as well as Voyagers: Project Alpha and Black Moon Rising (The Library, Book 2). He has written, directed, and produced numerous award-winning television series and movies for young people, including Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Flight 29 Down, and Tower of Terror. He lives with his family in Southern California. Visit him at

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