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Monday, March 27, 2017

6th MMGM: Just One Thing by Nancy Viau (interview, giveaway)

Welcome to Day 27 of the 6th Annual March MG Madness, featuring Nancy Viau and her book, Just One Thing!

Just One Thing
By Nancy Viau
September 28, 2016
Anthony Pantaloni needs JUST ONE THING!—one thing he does well, one thing that will replace the Antsy Pants nickname he got tagged with the first day of fifth grade, one GOOD thing he can “own” before moving up to middle school next year. Every kid in Carpenter Elementary has something: Marcus is Mr. Athletic, Alexis is Smart Aleck, Bethany has her horse obsession, and even Cory can stake a claim as being the toughest kid in the whole school. Ant tries lots of things but – KA-BOOM – nothing sticks! It doesn’t help that there are obstacles along the way—a baton-twirling teacher, an annoying cousin, and Dad's new girlfriend to name a few. JUST ONE THING! is a funny middle grade novel about that awesome (and awkward!) final year of elementary school.

Q1. What three words best describe your book, Just One Thing?
Fifth-grade, funny, contemporary

Q2. Grab a copy of Just One Thing! and answer the following:
Favorite chapter? CHAPTER TEN: All Eyes On Me

Favorite page? 58

Favorite setting? CHAPTER SEVEN, Ant’s classroom

Flip to a random page and give us a 1-2 sentences teaser:
I freeze, but it’s not a chill that’s working its way up my spine to my cheeks. It’s fire.

Q3. Who are your favorite middle-grade hero and heroine?
Hero: Greg Heffley Heroine: Star Girl

What is your favorite middle-grade book?
Aargh! How can I pick one? There are so many great books being published every month! I can’t keep up!

Q4. Why do you think middle-grade lit is so important?
Let’s face it, things get weird during the middle-grade years. As a kid in 4th- 6th grade, you’re working on figuring out your hopes, your dreams, your face, your body, and even the world! Just when you think it’s coming together—KA-BOOM!—things change. Somehow, amidst the chaos, there’s still a know-it-all justification for thoughts and actions. (Parents, you know what I’m talking about.) Middle-grade lit addresses that crazy, exciting time, and let’s readers see they are not alone. The issues and plotlines, whether funny or serious, are relevant and universal.

Q5. If you were to create and bake a cupcake inspired by Just One Thing!, what would it look and taste like, and what would you call it?
Ugh, FYI: I’d be awesome at the creating part; the baking part, not so much. ; ) Anyway…My cupcake would be chocolate on the inside and each one would contain a different surprise filling because there are quite a few surprises in Just One Thing! No two would taste alike, representing the unique personalities and challenges kids have. The icing would be bright green (optimistic, yes?!), black lines would be scribbled across it (bring on the chaos!), and a big number 1 would sit on top. I’d call my cupcake creation: KA-BOOM!

Nancy Viau no longer worries about finding her one thing for she has found quite a few things she loves, like being a mom, writing, traveling, and working as a librarian assistant. She is the author of the picture books City Street Beat, Look What I Can Do! and Storm Song, and an additional middle-grade novel, Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head. Nancy grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA and now resides in South Jersey.

Author links:
Twitter/Instagram: @NancyViau1
Facebook: Nancy Viau
Skype: nancy.viau

Win a signed copy of Just One Thing! plus doodle notepad, markers, bookmarks!
Nancy has generously offered one (1) prize pack for one winner.
-ends 4/5/17
-winner will be emailed and must claim prize within 48 hours
-Word Spelunking is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen prizes

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Danielle H. said...

This book sounds so much fun to read and the cover is perfect. I love humor in books and this one will make me laugh. I love the idea of needing a thing before moving on to the big world of middle school.

Slowsly said...

Having taught elementary grades, I have witnessed my former third graders deal with fourth fifth, and sixth grades. They would oftentimes come back to visit and share their stories of trying to fit. I look forward to reading this book.

anne s. said...

I can't wait to read this book and pass to our children!

Reid Harris Cooper said...

I love all the extras in the prize pack, but the book also totally sounds up my alley.

pailofpearls said...

awesome book! trying to think if I know any fifth graders

Gwendolyn Jordan said...

Sounds like a great read

lkw1974 said...

Thank you, sounds interesting.

Anita said...

I think this sounds amazing ...thanks for the chance

Denise Hauer said...

Looks like a fabulous read!