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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Review: Two "Wow-Worthy" STEM Books for Kids from National Geographic

This Fall, National Geographic Kids Books is introducing two big, bold, gift-worthy titles for middle graders that show the fun, intriguing and fascinating side of science, technology, engineering and math:

How Things Work by T.J. Resler (November 2016, ages 7-10, $19.99) - Discover the secrets and science behind bounce houses, hovercraft, robotics and everything in between in this book that provides both the quick answers AND complete explanations for all things high tech, low tech and no tech (how DOES glue work???). Detailed diagrams, revealing photos, hands-on activities and and fascinating facts all help to demystify many common items -- like how a microwave works, how an eraser makes pencil marks disappear and how an iPad or tablet can do so much --  and also delves into the more futuristic -- but very real -- inventions like bionics, invisible cloaks and  tractor beams.  "Tales from the Lab" and profiles of talented engineers, inventors and scientists provide plenty of inspiration and extensive back matter encourages curious kids to find out even more by providing a listing of additional websites, videos and other resources.  How Things Work is perfect for the kid who thinks "just because" isn't a REAL answer.  

National Geographic Science Encyclopedia (October 2016, ages 8-12, $24.99) -- Attention science lovers!! From tiny atoms to plate tectonics, from the far reaches of space to the depths of the ocean, this title has the most comprehensive coverage of all things science. Lively, expert-reviewed text coupled with fascinating facts about earthquakes, electricity, elements, and the life sciences as well as mini experiments combine to make the National Geographic Science Encyclopedia THE gold standard in science reference books.

National Geographic has outdone themselves with How Things Work and their newest Science Encyclopedia! Both of these truly wow-worthy STEM books are bursting with fascinating and captivating information, stunning images, and super fun layouts. Each book provides hours of exciting, yet educational entertainment and learning. Young readers will be inspired, impressed, and have their imaginations tickled by the contents of each book. I know I've had such a blast reading through both books, exploring the various topics, and studying all the bright, bold images.

National Geographic is so very good at making learning fun and enjoyable and these books are definitely both of those things. These would make perfect holiday gifts for the science-loving and curious young readers in your life!

5/5 Cupcakes for both books

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