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Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: Disney's Dream Big, Princess from Put Me In The Story

(personalized book)
Hardcover $39.99
Paperback $24.99

Get ready to DREAM BIG with your little princess! Families can now explore the stories of the 11 Disney Princesses as they share their adventures and dreams with Disney’s Dream Big Princess book by Put Me In The Story, the #1 personalized books site in the U.S. Greeted with a personalized letter and Princess Passport, little readers can check off the back of their passport when they meet each princess throughout the book. Whether readers are filling in their own dream restaurant's menu alongside Tiana’s or discovering treasures like Ariel, your child will learn that being a princess is more than just princes and’s about being brave, honorable, kind, and hardworking. Your little reader is encouraged to write, draw, and imagine all the things they can be, led by the adventurous, independent, and ever faithful Disney Princesses!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

Put Me In The Story was kind enough to send me a copy of their newest book, Disney's Dream Big, Princess, personalized for my niece, Aeicha, and it's an absolute sparkling gem!

Disney's Dream Big, Princess introduces readers to the 11 unforgettable Disney Princesses, sharing each princess's adventures, dreams, and special qualities. Each of the 11 princesses is given an engaging and enchanting two page spread, with bright, beautiful illustrations and interactive activities. Using their princess passport (provided in the book), your little princess can check off each princess as she makes her way through the book. Disney's Dream Big, Princess offers readers a meaningful and heartfelt message about what being a princess really means. Your little princess will be encouraged to find her bravery and strength, exude compassion and love, and always go after her big, wonderful dreams!

Like all their personalized books, Put Me In The Story has sprinkled such wonderful personalized elements and details throughout Disney's Dream Big, Princess. Little princesses will love seeing their name and picture alongside their favorite Disney princesses and love the way the book addresses them directly. My niece's copy of Disney's Dream Big, Princess truly feels like a one-of-a-kind reading experience.

My little princess, dreaming big superhero dreams!

About Put Me In The Story
Put Me In The Story, the #1 personalized books site in the United States, creates personalized versions of bestselling books where your kids star alongside their favorite characters. Our gifts capture moments that matter and create memories that last. With each touching picture and special dedication, our readers have become our most dynamic characters.
Put Me In The Story inspires a love for reading, across all ages and generations, through the experience of shared, personalized stories.

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Carole Rae said...

Cute! I know a couple little girls who would love thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis.