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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Go For The Gold: books to read during the Olympics

Are you and your young readers excited about the upcoming 2016 Olympics?! Today, I have three books from National Geographic Kids that will get y'all even more excited and ready for the Summer Games...

Everything Sports (ages 8-12) - Perfect for reluctant readers and featuring Olympics-specific spreads, this book has it all.   From archery to zip lining this book covers EVERYTHING about the world's most popular, most obscure and most grueling team and individual sports. Dozens of athletics pursuits are profiled and the book covers sports history, rules and regs, and training, and and a Hall of Fame that profiles the giants in downhill skiing, hockey, gymnastics, football and more.  There is even a quiz kids can take to see if they'd make a good ref.  Packed with big, bold pictures and graphics and featuring a diverse array of athletes (men and women of all races, young and old,) Everything Sports not only includes the most popular sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, but also features the more extreme and quirkier sports like parkour, wakeboarding, fencing, curling, and table tennis.

This is an excellent and engaging source for all things sports! With fascinating facts and information on a wide range of sports, plus awesome photos, you and your sports loving young readers will certainly be entertained and educated.

Weird But True: Sports (ages 8-12) - Did you know that the average NFL team produces some 5,500 pounds of laundry per WEEK, or that a table tennis ball broke the sound barrier, or the Olympic torch has been to space? Weird But True Sports, the newest installment in the wildly popular Weird But True series, contains 300 wacky sports stats, facts and stories -- all coupled with big, bright, bold photos and graphics.   From a national marbles tournament to the record for the most dogs on a surfboard, Weird But True Sports not only reveals the craziest info about football, baseball, hockey and soccer, but also delves into the more obscure sporting events out there (like the Rabbit Grand National in North Yorkshire England!).  WBT Sports is also a bit of a cultural trip, as it features sporting events from around the world like the Asian sport of Sepaktakraw, the Japanese sport of Bo-taoshi and the Indian game of Kabaddi.  The book is also packed with lots of fun Olympics trivia as well -- like the fact that olympic gold medals aren't actually made of gold -- they are mostly silver!

Such a fun and entertaining little book! Bursting with zany, wacky, and downright funny sports facts, this book offers hours of giggle-inducing fun and entertainment.  

Funny Fill In: My Gold Medal Adventure (ages 8-12)- Do you love sports? Are you excited for the 2016 Olympic games? Here’s an activity book that puts you right at the center of the gold-medal action! Fill in the blanks as you and a friend try your best at gymnastics, synchronized swimming, and much more!

Who doesn't love funny fill-ins?! Young readers will have a blast creating their own wild sports stories.

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Batch of Books said...

Cute! My kids love the Nat Geo books. We have quite the collection of them. These look perfect for Olympics season. :)