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Friday, March 25, 2016

(5th MMGM) Alamo All-Stars by Nathan Hale (review & giveaway)

Alamo All Stars
(Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales #6)
By Nathan Hale
March 29, 2016
From Nathan Hale, #1 New York Times bestselling author and Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List maker, comes the definitive graphic novel about the Alamo.
Hale relays the facts, politics, military actions, and prominent personalities that defined the Texas Revolution in factual yet humorous scenes that will capture the attention of reluctant readers and fans of history alike.
In the early 1800s, Texas was a wild and dangerous land fought over by the Mexican government, Native Americans, and settlers from the United States. Beginning with the expeditions of the so-called “Land Pirates,” through the doomed stand at the Alamo, and ending with the victory over Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto, the entire Texas saga is on display. Leading the charge to settle this new frontier is Stephen F. Austin, with a cast of dangerous and colorful characters, including Jim Bowie, William Travis, David Crockett, and others.
Through his vivid depiction and additional maps, and biographies located in the back of the book, Nathan Hale brings new insight for students, teachers, and historians into one of the most iconic structures in the United States.

‘Remember the Alamo!’--something we’ve all heard, and probably shouted in fun, but just what does it mean? What’s the Alamo and why should we remember it? Nathan Hale answers all these questions and more in the latest book in his popular Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales: Alamo All-Stars.

In Alamo All-Stars, Hale explores the tumultuous times in Texas history in the early to mid 1800’s, when Texas was fought over by American settlers, the Mexican government, and Native Americans. Many battles were fought over Texas, the battle at Alamo being one of the most famous. Hale brings the rich history of Texas and these intense battles to life in this unputdownable graphic novel. Once again, Hale succeeds in making history utterly engrossing, completely enthralling, and feel so tangible. There is A LOT to cover during this time in Texas, before and after the battle at Alamo, but Hale does a superb job of exploring and bringing all events and battles together, to create a comprehensive and exciting timeline.

Like his other graphic novels in this series, Hale offers young readers an authentic, complex, and profound glimpse at history, while remaining age-appropriate. Alamo All-Stars is chock full of unforgettable characters, informative facts, heart-pounding action, and oodles of humor and heart. All the major players can be found in Alamo All-Stars--Jim Bowie, David Crockett, Santa Anna, William Travis, and more--and young readers will be captivated by the different personalities and impact these characters had on history.

Of course, as a graphic novel, Alamo All-Stars relies heavily on its illustrations to capture the tales being told, and Hale’s engaging pictures do this wonderfully. Each illustrated page is bursting with life, laugh-out-loud humor, and thoughtful depictions, and young readers will be wildly entertained.

my final thoughts: Like all books in Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales, Alamo All-Stars brings history to life in fresh, funny, and unforgettable ways that will inspire, entertain, and delight readers.

Nathan Hale is the New York Times best-selling author/illustrator of the Hazardous Tales series, as well as many picture books including Yellowbelly and Plum go to School, the Twelve Bots of Christmas and The Devil You Know.

He is the illustrator of the Eisner-nominated graphic novel Rapunzel's Revenge and its sequel, Calamity Jack. He also illustrated Frankenstein: A Monstrous Parody, The Dinosaurs' Night Before Christmas, Animal House and many others. website * facebook * twitter

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Brenda said...

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales are such a fun way to encourage kids to read more nonfiction. Just love the illustrations and humor. Looking forward to checking out the latest one.

Carl Scott said...

Nice to see a new book from Nathan Hale. I think he's the funniest historian writing today. Thanks

Slowsly said...

Nathan Hale's books are amazing. He knows how to make history fun while educating. Looking forward to this one.

Caitlin said...

This looks wonderful!