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Monday, January 25, 2016

Review: Me and Miranda Mullaly by Jake Gerhardt

Me and Miranda Mullaly
by Jake Gerhardt
Jan. 26, 2016
Viking Books
The fates of three 8th grade boys converge in biology class one day, as each falls desperately in love with the same girl. There's Sam, the class clown; Duke, the intellectual; and Chollie, the athlete. And the object of their collective affection? The enigmatic Miranda Mullaly—the girl who smiles like she means it, the girl who makes Christmas truly magic when she sings, the girl who…barely realizes her admirers exist! 

But nothing will stop the guys from doing everything they can to GET THE GIRL, not even their inevitable confrontation. 

Told in alternating perspectives, Me and Miranda Mullaly is a comedy of errors where small misunderstandings lead to big laughs. And beneath the humor, every attempt to win Miranda becomes a compelling look at the larger world of each guy's life.


“Jake Gerhardt’s debut novel is sweet, knowing, and a super-fun read. Takes you right back to the awkwardness and earnestness of adolescence, with a lot of cringe and even more laughs.” 
—Patton Oswalt, New York Times bestselling author, comedian, and actor


Chollie (the jock), Duke (the brainiac), and Sam (the class clown) are three vastly different eighth graders who happen to have one very big thing in common: they’re all in love with Miranda Mullaly! Each boy is desperate to win Miranda’s heart and willing to do anything to up the competition. Miranda, on the other hand, is too busy with her own middle-school drama to even notice her three suitors. Will one of the boys win her heart?

Jacob Gerhardt’s Me and Miranda Mullaly is a fun, heartfelt middle-grade, full of laughs, relatable moments, and endearing characters. Gerhardt does a great job of capturing those confusing, hectic, often turbulent, and sometimes cringe-worthy middle-school years fraught with over-the-top and ever changing emotions. This it’s either the “best day ever!” or “the world is ending!” time in a kid’s life provides plenty of highs (oh the drama!) and embarrassing lows (oh those lows!) and Me and Miranda Mullaly is chock full of both. Young readers will be amused by the earnest attempts of the three lover boys as they try to capture Miranda’s heart, while older readers will recall and, hopefully be able to laugh at, their own mixed-up middle-grade years. Gerhardt weaves a great deal of emotion and heart throughout Me and Miranda Mullaly as well. Each boy has a complex home-life that influence the way they go about wooing Miranda.

Told in alternating perspectives, we get glimpses into each of the four main characters’ (Chollie, Duke, Sam, and Miranda) point of views and lives. I like how each character is so much more (and sometimes less) than what the others perceive them as. Young readers will easily connect to these characters and see parts of themselves in each one.

my final thoughts: Full of humor, sweetness, authenticity, engaging storytelling, and likable characters, readers will find Me and Miranda Mullaly delightful and entertaining.

4/5 cupcakes

Jake Gerhardt was born and raised in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania. He attended Elkins Park Middle School, where he played football and basketball, ran track, performed in the school musical, and was a member of the student council. He also found time to attend many school dances, in constant pursuit of various Miranda Mullalys.  

Since graduating from West Chester University, he has worked as a teacher. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his pulchritudinous wife and two amazing daughters. Me and Miranda Mullaly is his first book.

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this review, Aeicha. This sounds like a wonderful book. I really appreciate an author who isn't afraid to show that boys fall in love too. I am going to add the book to my Goodreads to-read shelf right now!