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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Spotlight: Four New Books From National Geographic Kids

I have four fun, new books from National Geographic Kids to share with y'all today...

Grab a beaker, pick up your whisk, and get ready to cook up some solid science. Using food as our tools (or ingredients!) curious kids become saucy scientists that measure, weigh, combine, and craft their way through the kitchen. Discover dozens of thoroughly-tested, fun, edible experiments, sprinkled with helpful photos, diagrams, scientific facts, sub-experiments, and more. And the best news is when all the mad-science is done, you're invited to grab a spoon and take a bite—and share your results with friends and family.

Filled with fun, fascinating, and yummy science experiments, accessible instructions, and thought-provoking discussion, this book is perfect for the aspiring scientists!

Time to exercise your noggin and have a blast doing it! Brain Games is a super fun, super educational compliation of challenges, myths, fun facts, science and games based on the hit National Geographic Channel's TV show of the same name! Kids will spend hours puzzling, laughing, sharing, and learning with this mindboggling book of brain power.

Every wonder what makes you YOU? It's all in the brain! So, fire up your neurons, hang on to your hippocamus, and join us on a rockin' ride through the twists and turns of the cerebral superhighway to discover how this amazing organ—that's about the size of a grapefruit and looks like a grey sponge—works!

Brain Games will intrigue, thrill, and fascinate wondering minds with its many fun games, puzzles, and thorough information!

Kids are fascinated by Norse mythology and thanks to the blockbuster movie franchise The Avengers and Rick Riordan's highly anticipated Norse mythology fiction series, these ancient tales of Scandinavia have never been hotter. The Treasury of Norse Mythology makes a great gift for fans to delve more into their favorite characters, like Thor, Loki and Odin. The classic tales come to life with page after page of beautiful illustrations featuring the gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters of Norse myths. 

Bursting with enthralling, enticing, and entertaining aspects of the complex world of Norse mythology, this book will captivate young readers and encourage further research!

Beloved former U.S. Poet Laureate J. Patrick Lewis curates a collection of over 200 poems celbrating the natural world, coupled with photographs that float, zoom and bloom!. From trickling streams to deafening thunderstorms to soaring mountains, discover majestic photography perfectly paired with contemporary (such as Billy Collins), classics (such as Robert Frost), and never-before-published works.

With stunning photographs and a spectacular selection of accessible poems on a wide array of subjects, this gorgeous book will inspire the imagination and warm the heart!

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