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Sunday, March 15, 2015

(MMGM) Fluffy Bunnies 2: The Schnoz of Doom by Andrea Beaty {review, interview, giveaway}

Welcome to Day 15 of the 4th Annual March MG Madness! Today we are celebrating Andrea Beaty's super fun Fluffy Bunnies 2: The Schnoz of Doom...

The Schnoz of Doom
(Fluffy Bunnies #2)
by Andrea Beaty
Amulet Books
When film-loving twins Joules and Kevin Rockman left their summer camp, they thought their days of fighting evil bunnies from outer space were over. Surely there won’t be giant rabbits bent on world domination at their school, right? Wrong. Luckily, these bunnies aren’t FLUFFS (Fierce, Large, Ugly, and Ferocious Furballs)—sugar-addicted giant rabbits out to hypnotize and kill. Unluckily, they’re worse: the FOOFS (Fierce, Obnoxious, Odoriferous Furballs)—seemingly normal-size rabbits (with extra-large noses) out to take over the world! Can Joules and Kevin save themselves, and their school, from the Schnoz of Doom?

Seriously funny New York Times bestselling author Andrea Beaty raises the stakes in this sequel to her zany, pulpy sci-fi farce. And, not to use Famous Last Words, but with illustrations by the great Dan Santat (The Guild of GeniusesSidekicks), what could possibly go wrong?

Praise for the Fluffy Bunnies series

"Armageddon-averting fun for fans of Jon Scieszka's Spaceheadz and M.T. Anderson's Pals in Peril."
- Kirkus

"A lighthearted, clever send-up of zany horror conventions, this book is just the thing for kids about ready for M. T. Anderson’s Whales on Stilts"

"Similar in tone to Jon Sciezka's Time Warp Trio series, but for a slightly older audience, this title should have special appeal to reluctant readers"
-School Library Journal

Fluffy bunnies from outer space have once again come to Earth...what could go wrong? The answer: pretty much everything! After fighting FLUFFS (Fierce, Large, Ugly, and Ferocious Furballs) at summer camp, young Joules and Kevin Rockman think they can handle another fluffy invasion. But the big nosed FOOFS (Fierce, Obnoxious, Odoriferous Furballs) have some very smelly tricks up their sleeves!

In Fluffy Bunnies 2: The Schnoz of Doom, author Andrea Beaty returns to her wacky, wild, sci-fi world of truly out of this world alien bunnies. Fluffy Bunnies 2: The Schnoz of Doom is full of the outrageous humor and over-the-top-in-the-most-fun-way-possible scenarios that young middle-grade readers love. Beaty knows her audience well and this shines through in her silly, yet clever and effective storytelling. Fluffy Bunnies 2: The Schnoz of Doom is wonderfully cinematic and just plain fun. From chili induced toots to exquisite SPAM meals, zany school staff, and, of course, evil fluffy; big schnozed bunnies in search of odorific smells and trying to take over the world, Fluffy Bunnies 2: The Schnoz of Doom is full of the unexpected, endless amusement, and delightful imagination.

Impulsive, brave Joules and logical, smart Kevin, make for two different, but equally great heroes. Young readers will find our heroine and hero to be an endearing, capable, and entertaining team. And the big nosed, swirly blue-eyed, nasty smells loving fluffy bunnies from outer space, make for irresistible and unforgettable foes.

my final thoughts: Fluffy Bunnies 2: The Schnoz of Doom is full of everything young middle-grade readers crave: an exciting premise, fun storytelling, relatable characters, and giggle-inducing humor.
4/5 yummy cupcakes

What three words best describe the Fluffy Bunnies series? 
Stench-filled. Exciting. Odiferous.

Can you give us your best one sentence pitch to convince readers, especially reluctant readers, to give this series a try? 
If you read this series, a unicorn will  bring you a bag of candy.

Grab a copy of Fluffy Bunnies 2: The Schnoz of Doom and answer the following:
favorite page? 56
favorite illustration? page 74
favorite place/setting? Putrescent Pond on the planet called Stenchopia.
Flip to a random page and give us a 1-2 sentences teaser: Something stinks. Something explodes. Evil alien rabbits fall over laughing. Actually, that happens a lot in these books.  

What inspired the Fluffy Bunnies series?
I truly wanted to write an adorable picture book about cute, sweet fluffy little bunnies. After 30 seconds, the bunnies turned into 6-foot tall evil alien rabbits living on a marshmallow planet. Add a flaming meteor, a rocket and some awesome kids who love movies and voila! A cheesy alien sci-fi masterpiece was born.

Can you tell us a bit about your heroine and hero, Joules and Kevin? What makes them special and sets them apart from other middle-grades heroes?
I love Joules and Kevin. They are smart and have their own talents. Plus, they have seen every cheesy sci-fi movie ever made. They remind me of me!

If you could switch lives with any middle-grade character, who would you choose? 
Tiffany Aching from Wee Free Men. Crivens!

As a middle-grade author, why do think MG is so important and popular? What do you love about MG? 
MG novels can be anything they want. They are sophisticated, complicated, lyrical, heartfelt, hilarious, tender, honest, escapist, grounding, vital. I believe that MG novels are among the best works of fiction, period. MG gives kids a safe, nurturing place to learn about themselves and the world and to develop empathy with others. And sometimes, they are about ridiculous alien rabbits who laugh when a butterfly toot explodes their planet. How could you not love that?

What are some of your favorite middle-grade reads? 
There are too many to list. Some of my favorite authors are A.A. Milne, J.K. Rowling, E. B. White, Gary Schmidt, J.R.R. Tolkien, Sara Pennypacker, Julia Durango, Richard Peck, Laura Ruby, Terry Pratchett, Tracie Vaughn Zimmer. Each season, there is a new set of fantastic titles that leave me in awe. Thank goodness for the wonderful indie booksellers, school and public librarians, and educators who spread the word about them!

Fill in the blanks:
I’m really awesome at avoiding things I don’t want to do even though I need to get them done.
I’m really embarrassed to admit that I am awesome at avoiding things I don’t want to do even though I need to get them done.
The last great book I read was The Second Guard by J.D. Vaughn (Disney-Hyperion April 14, 2015. Read in ARC).

If you were to bake a cupcake inspired by Fluffy Bunnies 2: The Schnoz of Doom, what would it look and taste like and what would you call it?
It would have a burnt marshmallow outside and a smelly green filling inside and would probably be covered in alien rabbit fur. I would call it a cab and hope someone would take it far away from me.

Andrea Beaty was raised in a small southern Illinois town, where her family ran a tiny grocery store. When she wasn’t roaming the nearby fields with her brothers and sisters, she was reading Nancy Drew mysteries up in the branches of a maple tree. Andrea now lives outside Chicago with her family.

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Manju Howard said...

Hi, Andrea! Thanks for introducing me to your Fluffy Bunnies Series. I've always thought white rabbits with red eyes were creepy. But blue eyed bunnies win the creepy prize. :)

anne s. said...

Never heard of this series. Thanks tons for letting me know about it. Going to tell my middle schoolers to read it!

Diamond said...

Yay for MG! I love middle grade books, and review them all the time on my blog! Lovely review, and interview. I hadn't heard of this book before, it looks cute. It's funny when I was a middle grader I used to say Schnoz with my best friend all the time >.< how random/hilarious is that!

Diamond @ Dee's Reads