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Friday, January 23, 2015

Polaris Blog Tour {Review and Giveaway}

I'm thrilled to have the Polaris Blog Tour stopping by today with my Review and a Giveaway...

(Avalon #2)
by Mindee Arnett
Balzer + Bray
432 pages
Jeth Seagrave and his crew of mercenaries are pulled into one last high-stakes mission in this breathtaking sequel to Mindee Arnett’s fascinating and fast-paced sci-fi thriller Avalon.

Jeth Seagrave and his crew are on the run. The ITA, still holding Jeth’s mother in a remote research lab, is now intent on acquiring the metatech secrets Jeth’s sister Cora carries inside her DNA, and Jeth is desperate to find the resources he needs to rescue his mother and start a new life outside the Confederation. But the ITA is just as desperate, and Jeth soon finds himself pursued by a mysterious figure hell-bent on capturing him and his crew—dead or alive.

With nowhere to run and only one play left, Jeth enters into a bargain with the last person he ever thought he’d see again: Daxton Price, the galaxy’s newest and most fearsome crime lord. Dax promises to help Jeth, but his help will only come at a price—a price that could mean sacrificing everything Jeth has fought for until now.

The conclusion to the story Mindee Arnett began in her acclaimed novelAvalonPolaris is a dangerous journey into the spaces between power and corruption, life and death, the parts of ourselves we leave behind, and the parts we struggle to hold on to. 

Last year, Mindee Arnett took readers on a wildly fun, intergalactic sci-fi adventure with Avalon. Well, that fast-paced story continues in the equally enthralling, Polaris!

It’s been several months since the life changing events in Avalon and Jeth Seagrave, and his mercenary crew, are on the run from the ITA. Jeth’s long thought dead mother is still held captive and his new little sister, Cora, is hunted for her unique and priceless DNA. Jeth must make a dangerous deal with a dangerous man in order to save the ones he loves. But this deal comes with a heavy price, and disheartening betrayals and heart-breaking losses come at Jeth and his crew from all sides.

Like Avalon, Polaris is a fascinating and fun sci-fi adventure, full of thrills; twists; and likable characters. Arnett combines action, romance, humor, sci-fi elements, and a lot of heart, to create a captivating and exciting story. Polaris is given the wide expanse of space as its setting, making for an endlessly intriguing world. For the most part, this intergalactic world is vividly and lushly laid out with great world-building. And Arnett has filled this future space world with some seriously cool gadgets, places, and people. Space jumps, telepathy, metatech, mysterious alien life-forms...Polaris has all this and more!

Jeth and his crew find themselves on the run from the ITA and a wickedly dangerous man, and on a fragile, world-changing mission. The action, twists and turns, and revelations are plentiful and entertaining! But, I found Polaris to be quite an emotional journey for its characters as well. Arnett does an excellent job of exploring themes of love, family, power, greed, and self-discovery, making Polaris a very layered, complex story.

Throughout Avalon and Polaris, I’ve enjoyed getting to know this series’ characters very much. Jeth makes for a likable, relatable, and charming hero, who is surrounded by an eclectic crew. And I love how Arnett has allowed her “baddies” to be just as complex and intriguing as the good guys. However, there are a few characters in Polaris that I wish got more story-time, simply because I like them so much!

The conclusion of Polaris took me somewhere quite unexpected, but I think readers will really dig it!

My Final Thoughts: With exciting storytelling, intriguing world-building, and likable characters, Polaris is a fun, satisfying conclusion in an out of this world sci-fi series!

4/5 cupcakes

Mindee Arnett lives on a horse farm in Ohio with her husband, two kids, a couple of dogs, and an inappropriate number of cats. She’s addicted to jumping horses and telling tales of magic, the macabre, and outer space. She has far more dreams than nightmares.

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