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Aeicha @ Word Spelunking

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm Going On A Blogging Hiatus

Yep, Cupcakes, Word Spelunking is taking a break :(
But not a super duper long one, I promise! 
Here let me explain...

As most of you know, Blogger has been a pain in my booty the last couple of weeks, with deleting my blog (giving me a huge panic attack in the process), then restoring my blog, to only lock it a few days later, deeming it "SPAM". Now, obviously, my blog isn't spam and Blogger finally unlocked it and now it is available to view by anyone (Whew!). But, all this got me thinking that maybe it's time to consider switching to WordPress or some other hosting site. I haven't made any final decisions and plan on looking into all of my options, which is one of the reasons why I'm taking a blogging break. 

Another reason I'm taking a blogging break is because, I simply need a break, lol! I LOVE blogging! I love reviewing books, I love participating in blog tours; interviews' and guest posts, and I LOVE talking with all of you! But, there comes a time for every blogger when blogging becomes more work than fun, and that's when it's time to take a step back for awhile and give your brain a break. 

And that's exactly what I'm doing! I'm taking the rest of January and all of February off to focus on Real Life priorities and situations that need my full attention right now (family, work, internships, etc), to decide if I want to move my blog somewhere else, and to plan for the March MG Madness. So, I'm only going away for a little while and I'll be back March 1st! 

I'll be sending out emails to everyone this may affect (scheduled blog tours, interviews, guest posts, etc). And just because I won't be posting on the blog, doesn't mean I won't be around. You can email me ( or always find me on Twitter as @WordSpelunker ...I'm always around on Twitter!

I hope you understand and will come back in March for more bloggy and book fun! The March MG Madness is going to be awesome and I can't wait till it starts. I'll miss you fantabulous Cupcakes so much!!!

See y'all in March!!!


Michelle @ In Libris Veritas said...

We'll miss you! I hope you enjoy your break and see you in March!

Emily @ Falling For YA said...

Have a good break! I hope it is relaxing and you get a lot done!

Amy said...

I hope that you have a good break. I can't wait to see all the awesome you have planned for MG Madness when you return!

Vicky @ A Backpack Full of Adventures said...

That's exactly what happened to me a few months after I started my blog (on Blogger) - switching to a self-hosted website was one of the best blogging decisions of my life. :D

Anyway, see you soon! :)

DMS said...

Enjoy your blog break! Hope you have a wonderful time doing all that you need to do for your real life responsibilities. :) Happy 2013!

ErinPaperbackstash said...

I hope you enjoy your break and come back feeling refreshed.

Maverick said...

so.. how long your blog disabled by

because right now.. my blog was disable by

thanks buddy