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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Winners, Winners! Cupcake Dinner!

Hello, Cupcakes!
I held my 1 Year Blogoversary through August and September and I'm finally officially able to announce the winners. I had some Rafflecopter technical difficulties (ALL the entries accidentally got deleted!) but the awesome Rafflecopter fixer guys made it all better. Sooooo, finally here are the winners:

US Winner

INT Winner

Both winners have been emailed and confirmed.

In other exciting news, I just reached 1600 blog followers, which
 Blows. My. Mind.
Seriously, y'all rock and I heart you big time.
And I just found out that Word Spelunking is getting its first review blurb on the back cover of Billow by Emma Raveling, which makes me feel as speeshul as rainbows, cupcakes, and unicorns!!!
Also, my birthday is next week (10/23)....which isn't actually exciting for all of you but it is awesome for me ;)

Plus, I still have several awesome giveaways running, including a huge prize pack of goodies worth $70. So go enter all of those HERE

1 comment:

miki said...

Once again thank you!!
i hope you will receive your gift on time for your birthday too