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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tatted Thursday (7)

Tatted Thursday is a weekly meme hosted here at Word Spelunking that features literary inspired tattoos .You can easily  participate by grabbing the picture above (or making your own) and posting your tattoo finds.

Here are five literary inspired tattoos I found this week...

Ramona Quimby

The Neverending Story

Lord of the Rings

The Lorax

Harry Potter



Ange said...

Ok...the Lorax one is BRILLIANT!! As is the Romana tat! The other two are great, but not my thing. I love the books, just not the tats! Every week you make me want to get my new tat immediately!! I have to stop coming here for this! LOL! (p.s. it's going to have a quote from a book!)

Anonymous said...

I think they're super cool, but they aren't for me personally. I don't think I could ever put a literary tattoo on my body. I'm just weird like that though LOL.

Jenny at Books to the Sky

Amy said...

I love the HP one. The Lorax one is pretty cool too, though I would not get something like that. I loved The Neverending Story, but I think the tat is a bit much.

Sarah E. said...

I adore the Ramona one :)

And the LOTR tattoo is beautiful!!

Lisa Mandina said...

Very cool, I'll have to share my literary tattoo with you some time!

Unknown said...

That Neverending Story tattoo is MINE!!! Where did you find this picture? I mean i obviously posted it to Facebook a few years back when i got it, but i never tagged or hash tagged "The Neverending Story". Pretty cool finding my tattoo on a google search though!

Oh, and i also loved the movie. Hence why i got the tattoo in the first place. So it may be a little "too much" for you. But for me, that movie represents a huge and important moment in my life. And now i can look down and remember that time in my life.